So I got up to get him to sign my poster, which he did very graciously. And I added that I didn’t know if he’d remember this little guy, and pulled out the bear. He stared at Bucky Bear for a moment, blinking. Then:

That was you? I nodded.

You were at Picnic? I nodded.

This is the bear?

And then he leaned back and grinned and went Oh YES I remember! And he promptly reached forward to take hold of the bear and take it from me to hold with this look of wonder before going “I need a picture.”

The handler next to him had just yelled at my friend that we couldn’t take pictures, and told her again that she couldn’t, but Sebastian insisted. So we snapped it quickly and he handed the bear back with a grin and a very solmen, “We’re friends now.”

He later told me at the photo op that he was never going to forget that little bear.

And that, friends, is how I died.






Can we track down Jezebel’s Rebecca Rose and corral her into Sloretown, please?

I love her commentary on the banning of Tom’s Jaguar ad on the UK airwaves.

She wrote:

Trust me. It encourages nothing to do with driving a car. I totally forgot there was even a car in this ad. It might encourage me to fling my underwear across the room and watch Thor 2: The Dark World on repeat for the next few hours after downing a few glasses of Pinot Noir, but other than that, it’s completely harmless.

ALSO CHECK OUT TWITTER:  There’s a fun hashtag to jump in on:  #GoodToBeBanned

OK, you have tracked me down. Where do I go to collect my prize????

Well Hell Fucking Yes! Welcome
! Pull up a chair, grab a cocktail and enjoy the descent into madness…. :)